If you are interested in buying dance clothing and accessories, getting some hairdress impressions or having a look at some photos from the tournament: the following exhibitors will gladly be there for you during the Styrian Open

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butenschoen_100 Ihr Fotograf Klaus Butenschön
Heinrich Heine Ring 9, 76199 Karlsruhe
phone: +49 170 2870000
email: info@ihr-fotograf-butenschoen.de
web: www.ihr-fotograf-butenschoen.de
Dance Royal
Lange Gasse 72, 1080 Wien
phone: +43 660 5534105
email: martin@danceroyal.at
web: www.danceroyal.at
ineslang_100 Ines Lang Haar-Design
Hoffingergasse 3/7, 1120 Wien
phone: +43 650 3020446
email: ines.lang@chello.at
web: www.ines-lang.vpweb.at