ATG hall, 8010 Graz, Kastellfeldgasse 8, Austria

Arrival by public transport

From the airport
Take the Regionalbus 631 to the station “Jakominiplatz”, then change to tramline 6 in direction “St

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. Peter”, leave at station “Neue Technik”.

From the main station
Take tramline 6 in direction “St. Peter”, leave at station “Neue Technik”

From the Airport Vienna / Schwechat
There are both bus-connections (Flixbus) and train-connections (ÖBB) that are easy to travel with and are quite cheap.

First there is a train-connection from the airport to Graz, with some trains You have to change at Vienna Main-Station, but the train to Graz waits there at the same platform. Here you find the time-table Airport Vienna to Graz and back.

The next possibility would be to use the direct bus from the Airport to the towncenter in Graz (Girardigasse) which is very close to the central tram-station (Jakominiplatz) and not far from the hall. Use this Link to get the booking-platform for the bus with all possible connections.

For the train it is usually not necessary to reserve a seat, also for the bus, only Friday afternoon reserving a seat would be better

In Graz you can either use Taxi or the public transport (Linien Graz where you can download the overview and all the details

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Arrival by car

Parking possibilities
There are several parking places near the venue
. Some places are marked in blue as limited parking zone, but there are no costs on Saturdays from 13:00 and on Sundays.

Park and Ride Murpark

If you travel by car you can easily park your car at the border of graz and use the public transport system to reach our hall in app. 20 min
. Take the tramline 4 in direction “Andritz” and leave at station “Finanzamt”. Then simply walk up the  the street “Schießstattgasse”.

Address Park & Ride: Ostbahnstraße 3, 8042 Graz
Costs for parking and public transport: 7,50 € (24 hours), 22€ (week)