Registration for the Styrian Open 2017 will be open soon.
Thank you for your interest, we hope to see you in July at our new event hall

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We provide the following highlights to our dancers:

  • welcome gifts for all couples
  • prices for all finalists
  • winners of International Open competitions will receive vouchers for accommodation next year
  • separate warmup floor (heel protectors mandatory)
  • swimming pool
  • venue in the heart of Graz
  • most important sights of Graz are only a ten-minute walk away

Competition Rules

Participation at own risk!
Furthermore, we can not accept liability for lost objects neither in the locker rooms, nor in the event halls and other rooms of the event!

WDSF Competitions
WDSF rules apply to WDSF competitions:
Regulations of WDSF World Ranking Tournaments
WDSF Anti-Doping-Information

Dress code for WDSF competitions
The dress code according to WDSF regulations applies to all Styrian Open competitions
WDSF Dress Regulations

Heel protectors
All female dancers are required to wear heel protectors during training, warm-up and competitions.

It is strictly prohibited to empty water or other liquids on the floor

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Double entries
If the time table permits, the organizer will allow double entries on the same day

. The flow of the program can not be interrupted in order to wait for the couples concerned.